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It’s a Small World Christmas #DL15

From last year’s post…

The “Happiest Cruise That Ever Sailed Around the World” goes Christmas in Disneyland. The ride that is almost easy to miss in the Magic Kingdom is a towering castle in Disneyland and while the ride itself is very similar the Christmas decorations take it completely over the top.

This new video was taken with the DJI OSMO and shot in 4K at 24FPS. I’m going to compare the two videos and see which camera I thought did a better job overall. Last year the GoPro was mounted to the boat and the OSMO was handheld the entire time using the controller to move around similar to what I was looking at during the ride. The GoPro footage was uncut and this time I tried to shorten the video taking out some areas that were slow or too dark. Either way – this is a great Christmas makeover and one of my favorites.