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Highland Brewing Company

During a recent trip to Asheville, I was able to visit Highland Brewing Company to discover why they are just a wee bit different. Here are a few things I learned on the tour:

  1. They are the largest brewery in Asheville. They produce around 20,000 beer barrels a year which makes them a microbrewery.
  2. They got their start brewing out of the basement of Barley’s pizza. Who knew?
  3. They have a kegger there that produces a keg a minute. On a normal day, they produce around 300 kegs. The most they ever kegged in a day was over 400. That is a lot of beer.
  4. They have specialty beers that you can only get there. They just produced a beer called Abbey Wit. They actually produced their beer with an Abbey. Fifty cents of every beer sold goes back to the abbey. Tres cool!
  5. Asheville has phenomenal water which makes them a hot spot for beer making! This is why so many great breweries are headed to Asheville – Sierra Nevada and Fat Tire. Awesomeness.

I was really impressed with the brewery and think they have great beer. I would definitely recommend a visit next time you are in Asheville, NC.