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Grove Park Sunset

Every year in March or April our office heads up to Asheville for the annual Addiction Medicine Conference. It is a long two days working trapped in a hotel. I always like it when we can escape at the end of the day and check out some of the awesomeness that is the North Carolina mountains. Here are some pictures from the Grove Park Inn at sunset. Besides being a great place to escape the walls and stale air of a hotel conference room it made of an awesome place to take some pictures.

These were all shot using the Nikon D7000 and a 50mm lens. I wanted to try and capture the colors as the sun dropped over the edge of the mountain. Where you go from a dark silhouette to an array of blue and pink as the sun falls. The Grove Park Inn is a great place to watch this happen – just claim you are going to dinner and grab a drink at the bar. It is amazing to think this place was founded on money earned selling this.

The picture to the right ended up being my favorite. CaraDMc pointed out the reflection in the window and I was able to catch it. It took a bit of angling because what you don’t see in the picture is the feet of the person who is watching the same sunset we are. You can see in this picture taken earlier the chair they were sitting in.