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Grove Park Inn

The Grove Park Inn was the last stop on our reunion tour of Western North Carolina.  We decided that since we were going out and about for the week of Thanksgiving we should eat dinner at the world-famous inn and see the National Gingerbread House Competition.  It was an awesome dinner and as impressive as you think eating at the Grove Park should be – ice sculptures and all.

It was an awesome way to end the vacation.  We left with a full belly as we watched the snow clouds start to roll in over the mountains.  It was great to go back and see how much had changed and how much hadn’t in the long time that we’ve been gone.  It was nice to see that some things are completely timeless and others – well – they haven’t changed enough to make me want to go back for any longer than a couple of days.   It was a great trip and I probably have a few more blogs hidden in the bigger picture sets.  Enjoy the pictures after the jump.