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Freeport, Maine – Trivia Time

We just left Freeport, Maine driving up the coast to Bar Harbor. Freeport was pretty cool (pretty neat) and home to L.L. Bean – or maybe it is the other way around. Since the last trivia question was answered so quickly I’ve decided to do another one – for another prize.  To win post here (Facebook or Twitter won’t count) the following:

  1. What does the L.L. stand for in L.L. Bean?
  2. What is the proper name of the company’s iconic product? (The name it was called when it was first sold.)
  3. What was the final score of the WCU vs. Georgia Tech game? (Happening later this evening – watch it on ESPN3.)

Here you go – the winner will get something cool from the road.  When you read this we should be safely unpacking in Bar Harbor.


  1. I hafta admit – I saw this pic on the twitters earlier… and thought that boot was something else entirely. Small screens do not do this picture justice – I’ll just leave it at that.

  2. 1) Leon Leonwood– LL Bean’s namesake!  2) Bean boot– the Maine Hunting shoe.  3) 21-63 Georgia Tech– Boooo.
    Do I win?!!?

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