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Flashback: Minneapolis, MN 2002

I decided to throw a few more ‘flashback’ photos up on the site and this time we landed in 2002 and Minneapolis, MN. I believe Cara was thereat a convention for Meredith College and I was along for the ride. She always gets the good trips while my job routinely sends me to Dorthea Dix (for meetings not to be strapped down and medicated – but I do wonder at times).

I digress. This trip was great because we were in the downtown area where all the buildings are connected to the second floor. While she was diligently attending seminars I was seeing how far I could go without going outside. We also got to go to a Minnesota Twins game (my first professional baseball game) and the infamous Mall of America where I went to my first Lego store and probably the largest outside of Orlando, FL. Other highlights included tryouts for the Vikings cheerleaders (disappointing) and multiple large Charlie Browns and Snoopys (Snoopies?) around town.

The pictures on this trip were taken with a film camera and the images were later scanned. Amazing what a decade of technology will do. More pictures after the jump and more memories yet to be posted as I go through the older files and look for hidden gems.