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Enterprise & USS Intrepid

Enterprise (OV-101) is the shuttle that wasn’t. At least not exactly – it was the first Space Shuttle orbiter built and while it could have been retrofitted for space flight it never was. This is not to say it didn’t act as a glider and test landing and approach – it just never left the gravity of earth. It is now on display at the USS Intrepid and was part of BobG’s recent NYC Tour.

Construction began on Enterprise on June 4, 1974. Designated OV-101, it was originally planned to be named Constitution and unveiled on Constitution Day, September 17, 1976. A letter-writing campaign by Trekkies to President Gerald Ford asked that the orbiter be named after the Starship Enterprise, featured on the television show Star Trek. Although Ford did not mention the campaign, the president, saying he was “partial to the name” Enterprise, directed NASA officials to change the name.

So enjoy the images – as far as NOSVC is concerned we can mark another Shuttle off our list.

NOSVC: EnterpriseDiscoveryAtlantis – Endeavour

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