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Dive St. Kitts

Our dive in St. Kitts was a two-tank dive visiting both a reef and a wreck. We dove the Coconut Tree Reef and the M.V. River Taw with the Dive St. Kitts group. Both dives were great the first seeing our first spotted eagle ray and the second getting to dive through a wreck and all the active life that builds on an object like that underwater.

This was some of the best diving we’ve done. There were very active and the fish were extremely abundant – especially when our divemaster started feeding them bread. Cara even had a more than excited fish bite her finger (no harm was done). There are a lot of pictures here and I plan to go back through and identify as much of the marine life as I can so you might see these images showing up in another blog post. A lot of these images are completely accidental – it is harder to shoot underwater than you may think and while I got what I would consider a few really good shots I am still learning. Timing is everything and believe it or not most of the images are taken while moving. All you can do is press the shutter release and hope for the best.