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The Dark Side #starwarshalf #WDW16

It was a couple of long (really long) days and some late nights / early mornings but we navigated our way to Disney World and through The Dark Side of the Star Wars Half Marathon. One question is inevitable – was it worth it? Of course, it was. First, the Dark Side of the force is the best side of the force. Second, the plane ride to Orlando is a lot shorter than the trip to Anaheim.

The dark side of the Dark Side? The 2:30 AM wake-up call to ride a bus to the starting line. The course runs through no real city and the shortage of spectators, unlike the community that comes out for West Coast races. Outside of the race theme, there isn’t much to brag about in Orlando vs. Anaheim but we did have the coolest theme for a race in the galaxy.

Overall? If you haven’t done a Disney race you should – East Coast, West Coast, Paris – I doubt it matters they are all very well done. Don’t expect to run a fast time. The distractions are way too much fun to focus on running. Get into character and into costume. It isn’t required but there is really no shortage of cool costumes if that is your thing. Finally – stop and look around – some of the course is in places that ordinary non-cast members never get to see. Enjoy the quick peek behind the magic. It won’t spoil anything and may make you appreciate even more how they do what they do.

Our next race? We’re trying to decide. Maybe another trip to a mouse house or maybe something different. We’re working on it. When we decide we’ll definitely post it here. Want to do a Disney race yourself. Visit the folks at runDisney and get ready for a great race and unlike most races – take your time. You won’t win by being first.