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Coki Beach Dive – St. Thomas

Any dive that ends above water is a good dive. I’m not sure who said this to me first. It may have been our dive instructor at Gypsy’s or it may have been something I picked up from an earlier resort dive but regardless – it is true and as a result, I will call the dive at Coki Beach a good dive. Diving is fun but you can never forget that you are forcing yourself into a dangerous environment where a wrong move or a series of wrong moves can and often will leave you in a situation. In this dive – our first solo dive outside of the quarry – we learned that one must account for the current when navigating and the sea urchins that live on the rocks are evil.

My navigation was off by about 15 feet. A short distance that left us picking barbs out of our hands and nursing cuts all over. Still – not a bad dive. We saw some great coral formations, awesome fish and a huge surprise – a giant metal shark.

All pain aside it was a great dive until the last 10 minutes. Special thanks to the nice folks at the Coki Beach Dive Center for the first aid.


  1. “Go away shark! Go back to your cave! Mommy, lets look at the turtles again!” – Josh 

    We are enjoying all of the pictures from your trip! Josh especially loves the turtles 😉

  2. I think CaraDMc felt the same way about the shark. Fortunately it was fake and put there to help rebuild the reef. I got very close to it but could get Cara to come take my picture with it. Maybe the next time we see a shark.

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