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BobG over OBX (Literally)

There really isn’t anything that can be said here that the pictures don’t say better. These are images from over the Outer Banks post-Hurricane Irene.

I’ll add to the gallery after the jump as he emails the pictures to me. I’ll have to add the photo tags later this evening when I get my feet back on solid ground.

There is no word yet on whether or not Bob will be able to check on Randy and/or whether or not he’ll eat at the Carolina Seafood Buffet.


  1. It didnt – there was some flooding, but Ocracoke is stranded more than ever. route 12 along the southern OBX is a mess – its torn apart in 3 areas in Avon, and wont be repaired for weeks if not months. They cant get power until power is restored to Hatteras Island first, so Ocracoke will have rolling blackouts from their own island power system till further notice. You get 8 hours of power a day there now.
    We got “booted off the island” once someone who “thought” they were important saw us – only residents are allowed right now. He made the excuse of not having power for visitors. Rent-a-cop. So he escorted us back to he airport. Just as well – we work on deadline.

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