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Behind the Magic #WDW13

So I debated calling this post the “Dark Side of Disney” but there is nothing dark here at all. In many ways, this is an amazing part of the inside of the machine. It is a small glimpse into wanting it takes to make the magic of Walt Disney World happen and it looks like a lot of it centers around Disney University. If you don’t get into Disney University you better hope you applied to Clown College.

The location of this top-secret area is classified but to give you a small hint you will see the backside of Space Mountain on your way. (Fair enough – I wasn’t paying attention and BobG was driving.) That being said good luck if you ever want to find it. (Check inside the circle.) I’ve been to Disney a couple of times and had no idea this existed – especially this close to the Magic Kingdom.

The coolest thing we found was the characters jumping from the ceiling tiles inside Disney University and the partially painted Lion King. Is he going from colored to stone for decoration or is his base coat grey and in the process of being painted? The one thing to notice is the complex canal system that allows one of the riverboats from inside the park to make its way here for reconditioning something I never would have thought of. And of course the shopping – we were on the hunt for the company store when we stumbled across this awesome find maybe my favorite part of this trip to Disney.