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BBQ, Oysters and More

The Carolina Oyster Roast and Pig Pickin were great. The Fair Barn was the perfect venue for the event. The live bluegrass set the tone for the fun evening of shucking oysters and enjoying this culinary feast.

What we ate. Ok, really this should read what didn’t we eat? There was so much food to enjoy. We started with oysters. They were roasting the oysters outside over an open flame fire. They cover them with a burlap sack for about 10 minutes until the oysters open. There were so many toppings to enjoy with them but I enjoyed mine most with a bit of NC’s own Tabasco sauce.

Next up bbq with curry slaw. That is right I said curry slaw and a blueberry bbq sauce to top it off. This was great. Who would have thought to serve bbq with a curry slaw? Great idea. The mac and cheese served in a small mason jar were one of the highlights.

One of the things that were really nice about this event is that they had plenty of food for everyone. There was never a long line for anything and they did not run out of anything throughout the evening. The building was stunning and again a perfect venue for the night.