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Animal Kingdom Lodge #WDW17

During our last Disney visit, we got to stay at Animal Kingdom Lodge. We have stayed there before but not in a safari room, more on that later. I love the lodge feeling. It creates a calm environment after a fun day in the parks. They have a fire pit where you can sit and relax. It is one of my favorite aspects of staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

They also have great programs at the lodge which is wonderful if you don’t want to go into the park for the day. We took advantage of the kitchen tour. Check out all of the details here. Other programs include learning about the animals from a naturalist.

Hotel amenities include a gym, a hot tub, and a pool with the bar. We did an arm workout while we were there and they had enough equipment and free weights to get a good workout in. Afterward we enjoyed the hot tub and hung out at the pool. They had great beer choices. We were able to get Jai Alai IPA from Cigar City.

The best part of staying at the lodge is the animals. We loved sitting outside on the porch in the mornings and watching the giraffes and zebras eating their breakfast. There is something very relaxing about watching the animals, which is needed after a day in the park. The last time we stayed there we did not stay in the safari room. I really did love staying in the safari room and think it is worth spending the extra money to stay in the room with a view.

Have you stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge before? Let us know about your experience below.