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“You wanted the best…

…you got the best.”

Granted – I wouldn’t really call myself a Kiss fan but when you get tickets for the right price to see a legendary group – you go.  I learned a lot while I was there – namely that I knew more Kiss songs than I thought.  Kiss fans as a group are cool people – everyone we asked was more than happy to let us take a picture of or with them.  And – what Kiss lacks in talent they more than make up for in spectacle.

We were fortunate to not just get tickets at a price that made it impossible not to go – we also got upgraded to seats before we really got in position on the lawn.  It went from awesome to unreal as we got closer to the stage.  Overall it was a great show – possibly the best I’ve seen in a while if not ever.

The pics are after the jump – between KT and I we took over 400.  After I took out the redundant ones, the blurry ones and the ones that just couldn’t be shared we had about 140 or so.  And yes… Kiss rocks. Not only would I go again – I’d probably shell out more money to go.


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