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World Record Flip Flop 1K – Nog Run Club

Some races are for time. Some races are for medals. Some are just fun social runs. This one was for a Guinness World Record.

1K (roughly 2/3rds of a mile) in flip flops with a great beer from Bond Brothers before we got started. The record was previously broken here in 2016 with 805 runners only to be beaten by Spain with 845. I feel like the new record was taken with a safe margin but we’ll have to wait and see what the official results say when the dust settles (and our feet are clean).

This video gives you an idea of what the run looks like – high speed and in 360°.

I’m sure someone will find a few more people to take the record and we’ll just have to find more and take it back. I’m sure there are better world records to be had but there are definitely worse ones.