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Welcome to 2012!

We made it – or rather survived 2011. And now – with the Raleigh CAT buses sporting our name – we’ll jump head first into 2012.

I’ve made no resolutions and no real plans for this year. That means we are about to crash your party. After the jump are all the pictures that were cleared for publishing by the individuals in charge. The big New Years Eve bash downtown included a mini-Eiffel Tower, an over-sized Light Brite and a moderately-sized Ferris Wheel. We also met Daniel Boone/Davey Crockett and may have had more pictures had I remembered to use the camera.

Hope your New Years Eve was less interesting than mine and yes that is a blessing – not a curse. Here’s to 2012 – if you see a NO SVC out and about send it in. We’d love to have it in our collection.