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We flew the coop!

Tour D’Coop was this past Saturday (May 20). For those that have not done the tour before, it is a one day event in Raleigh that wants to educate visitors about keeping hens. Because we live in Raleigh it was a great way to see how you could have chickens in an urban environment.

Neighbors open their back yards up to ticket holders so they can learn more about chickens. We got to see lots of different styles of coops. We also met lots of great chickens and discovered a few more farm friends along the way. There were even pigs and bunnies on the tour.

The best thing about the Tour D’Coop is that the money goes back to Urban Ministries, who connects with the community to end homelessness and fight poverty by offering food, shelter and a future to neighbors in need.

Make sure to visit the Tour D’Coop’s website for announcements about the 2018 tour.