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Under New Management

You may have noticed a little slow down in posts over the past week or so. Don’t worry we are all fine. We are welcoming new management into the house.

Everyone please welcome TROOPER – the new boss.

We found this unique little guy through Best Friend Pet Adoption and hope he decides to become a permanent resident. (We’re still in the trial stage of the adoption.) Best Friend Pet Adoption (BFPA) is a no-kill animal rescue organization based in central North Carolina. They are an all-foster network committed to helping dogs and cats in need of homes. Trooper was rescued from a shelter with his mom and 3 other puppies and he is now 9 weeks old. Expect more pictures of our adventures with him going forward and maybe a little posting slow down as we get him used to sleeping through the night.

Here are pictures of him so far from our first meeting till yesterday at the house –

In our first we we’ve learned – He loves leaves, he will chew anything (we’re working on focusing him chewing on appropriate toys, the snuggle is real – he is always up for chilling on the couch and the ball – he is learning to play fetch.