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The Mercators & Break Dancing

Not exactly two things you would think of together and for better or worse – they were not. At least not at the same time and place. The Mercators played the Pour House (you might remember them as the band from Orlando Goes Drinking in Durham or the band Eric is a drummer in) and after a great show we walked next door to Tir Na Nog where a break dance competition broke out.  (So it was planned – saying it broke out seems like we were living in a 1980’s movie.)


The pictures were taken with my Canon Powershot SD790 IS and edited in Lightroom.  Not bad for a point and shoot from the balcony in the dark.  The picture to the right was taken by professional videographer BobG who also happened to take a picture of the floor (not shown).  More pictures after the jump and to the person that bolted on their tab last night – you can hook me up with $12 at some point in the future.  I’ve been where you were and sometimes you just forget things.  We’ve all done it – no harm – no foul.