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The Magnificent Mile Race

The Magnificent Mile Race is the shortest race I’ve ever run. Just a mile. One. Single. Mile.

At first thought it seems easy – the last race we ran was almost five miles. A mile should be simple. On second thought this was the scariest race I’ve done. I had no idea how to run a mile and realized it is a sprint. Add to that the entry of big names like Bobby Mack running this race and as you slowly edge to the back of the field you realize – this may be the one where I am the last to cross the finish the line.

That being what it is this race is about a lot more than the run –

The Magnificent Mile Race was first run in November 2006. It is the inspiration of Sarah Witt who has Primary Lateral Sclerosis, a motor neuron disease related to ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease; and Scott and Amy Corsmeier, siblings who have Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia, a hereditary motor neuron disease.

Great cause and a really fun race. For the record I didn’t finish last and neither did Cara. My chip time was 8:02.07 and Cara’s was 9:45.6. Not a bad day for either one of us unless you were really racing Bobby Mack who killed it in 4:11.6. I am just happy to have crossed the halfway point before he finished.

Time to plan for the next race – this one was definitely a great time and rumor has it they have an awesome website too.


  1. Heh, this was my second year doing this race, and it certainly is the most difficult to run, if you are a ~40 year old used to doing 5Ks and 10Ks.  🙂

    I keep thinking I’m going to train for this event next year.  Maybe next year I will.  My only consolation was that I beat my 9 year old (by 35 seconds).  I may have to savor that, as he might just beat me next time.  🙂

  2. All the pics are great but the one of you and Cara at the end is just so great. You guys make me so very proud. I love you both and could not be prouder! Another great race gang!

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