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The Beginning

The toilet was originally conceived as a prank for a couple of our newlywed friends who were returning from their honeymoon. Wayne and Bethany prevented us from doing the traditional toilet paper and shaving cream damage to their vehicles by hiding them the day of the wedding and locking them in the garage after they left on the honeymoon.

Undeterred a small group of devious individuals determined that decorating their house was a close second to the car and started to make plans. Toilet paper and beer cans were collected and many concepts for how best to “show our love” were discussed.

We decided that this attack needed a “pièce de résistance” so we headed off to the Habitat for Humanity ReUse Center and purchased a well-used (but no longer functioning) toilet for $15.

The toilet was left unpainted and the decision was to go with mindful slogans such as “Don’t Tinkle Mr. Sprinkle!” and “Put the Lid Down Wayne!” for decorations. As far as acceptable toilet manners were concerned we considered this to be useful information for the new groom.

We finally placed a flower in the basin of the toilet to make it “look pretty”. Overall the vandals felt that the toilet was an excellent centerpiece for the look and feel of the new home decorations including the deluxe beer can wind chimes and the carefully wrapped trees and bushes. Doesn’t toilet paper grow on trees?

Unfortunately neighbors took down some of the decorations prior to Wayne and Bethany’s return. Fortunately the toilet remained untouched and they got to enjoy it.

The story does not end here. If it did it wouldn’t really merit this shrine on the web would it? The toilet has made stops since and will in all likelihood make more in the future. If you come home from work or maybe from a vacation and find it on your door step – you know what to do. Think of a new and creative way to pass it on.