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The Big 3-0

As if getting older wasn’t its own punishment my wife and friends decided it was a good idea to surprise me prior to my 30th birthday with a party. A few of the guys took me to play Par 3 while everyone else set things up at the house. The toilet had been in hiding for a few months and reappeared in front of the house with a fresh paint job and new words of encouragement for the aging man. Reminders to drink prune juice and calling me an old fart where just part of the fun.

Cara had invited a ton of friends and family over for Cooper’s bbq, chicken, beer and an informal roasting of the new old guy. I had fun and ended up with some cool new toys and gag gifts as well.

It was fun while it lasted and I wouldn’t have traded the day for anything except being 25 again. Thanks to everyone for making it a fun day and watch out.

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