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So we got a letter…

I went to check the mail this morning and there was a letter from the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. I immediately assumed that this was the letter informing us that we could no longer participate in their parade and I figured it was about time. I mean – we’ve done nothing more than create a spectacle of ourselves annually with bad floats and costumes.

285__320x240_stpats2008_007I opened the letter and much to my surprise it wasn’t a reprimand from the Lucky Charms guy – it was an invitation. We were invited – that’s right invited – to participate in the parade this year. I know – I was there when I said last year’s “Save Gilligan’s Island” float was my last. I also said if I were them I would kick us out. I was wrong. Write it down – screen capture the page. I was wrong. The Irish are wonderful people with a great sense of humor and most importantly – they like us.

So that presents us with a challenge. We need to do right by these guys. We need a float that makes them proud. We need a float that says we came, we saw and when it came time to F around we – yes we did not F around. From the bad paper mâché, to the hundreds of balloons, to the Minnow that sailed down Fayetteville Street. We need something to top it all. Theme submissions begin immediately – apply Guinness liberally as needed.