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State Capitol New Roof

Completed in 1840, the North Carolina State Capitol stands as one of the finest and best-preserved examples of Greek Revival architecture in the United States. Serving as the active Capitol of the state and designated as a National Historic Landmark, this building embodies both historical significance and architectural splendor.

Currently, the Capitol’s roof is undergoing a transformation. The familiar bluish hue, a result of decades of oxidation, is being replaced with gleaming copper. While the new, shiny appearance is striking, it is temporary. Over time, the copper will oxidize, returning to the historic patina we remember from years past. The last replacement occurred in the 1970s, so it may be many years before we see this brilliant metallic finish again.

If you find yourself in the area, take the opportunity to witness this rare moment in the Capitol’s history. Once the building reopens, be sure to join the behind-the-scenes tour. In 2018, we experienced this tour and were captivated by the unique insights and the stunning interior of this architectural marvel. The North Carolina State Capitol is truly a remarkable piece of history and design, both inside and out.

We walked by this weekend during Artsplosure and got to see an amazing art installation – Hand to Hand.

Hand to Hand is propelled by 2 giant puppet hands, each the size of a house and rigged like a sailing ship, and music that blows the roof off. The Squonkers, dwarfed by the hands, climb a multi-tiered stage. Music rises from a single finger flicking an organ key, as natural an expression of humanity as a wave or a fist.

Squonk’s original progressive rock drives a journey that is spectacular, plaintive, and comic. In this melee, the giant thumbs detach to become truly opposable and challenge each other with guitars. Audience members come together to grab the rigging, each individual powering a larger movement of giant fingers, a web of connections, a single dance. We want to encourage shared discovery, people face to face, festive, and making a community of the imagination.