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St. Pat’s Parade Fundraiser at 50mm

For yesterday’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Fundraiser and prize grab I took the Nikon D7000 and a 50mm lens. I wanted to play with the 50mm and after watching this video I decided that I was going to take it and just use it to see how things worked out. First – I need more practice but then that is what I was doing. Second – the bar was dark and while I had no zoom the 1.4 f-stop and 1600 ISO helped make the most of it. I deleted more pictures than I kept and the best are included in this post. There weren’t a ton of great shots to be had so I practiced with drinks on the table and tickets and anything that sat still trying to get the elements I wanted in focus and the rest of the frame softly out of focus or bokeh.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts on these. The last two are Princess when we got home and she ran down the stairs to go outside.