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St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float Theme

We are auctioning off the right to name our St. Patrick’s Day Parade Float theme on eBay.  Interested?  You should be.  The purchase of this auction lets you determine the theme and the overall level of insanity that will occur in next year’s parade.  Will it be another round at Cheers?  A return to Gilligan’s Island or something even more bizarre like the balloon float and/or the oddly crafted paper mache music note?  We don’t know and likely won’t until the auction ends.

Good luck and happy bidding!  You can access the auction here or you can try and find it on eBay (hint: search St. Patrick’s Day Float).

Remember – the more you spend on this theme the better the float will look.  The better the float looks the better you look as float sponsor.  If you decide you want to contribute over what you win the auction for we’d be more than happy to take the excess funds and put them to good use.