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St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2011

All last week we counted down the St. Patrick’s Day floats from the years before and looked fondly back at what could best be described as the bizarre, insane and the less than well thought out products we created. Here is the latest addition to that fine lineage.

The viking ship and her dragon the “Raleigh Ness Monster” (Thanks Candace!) were out to pillage, plunder and take no prisoners. We came, we saw and unless anyone says anything different we won the parade. I know – we weren’t the biggest boat there but we were the only ones with a fire breathing dragon. The costumes were some of the best we’ve seen with Gary becoming the first G-Cup winner for best costume.

This float was built with duct tape, cardboard and several pieces from an unspecified donor that wishes to remain nameless. Let’s just say you may have seen some pieces of this float before. Once again a last minute quality find that changed everything.

The parade was great we distributed over 100 pounds of candy to let’s call them ‘needy’ children around downtown and ended up at Tir na nOg for an afternoon of a crowded bar and ACC basketball. In the end this was easily one of the top 3 floats we’ve ever had. Thanks to everyone on the build team that helped make it happen, our talented and well dressed crew on the float, Nick and Nick’s dad for the trailer and to all our fans out there for the loud applause and cheers.

It is kind of a tradition to call each year’s float the last one so I’ll stick with it. If it is I’m glad we did what we did because if you are going to go out there is no better way than to go out on top. Thanks again to everyone involved – I hope you had as much fun as I did.

P.S. – The garage is clean thanks to the most underrated group involved with the float the clean-up crew. We had the float disassembled and the garage back to normal faster than I would have thought possible.