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St. Patrick’s Day 2012 – Best. Float. Ever.

So sitting here before 9AM on a Sunday morning after the parade I’ve had some time to think. First thought – when will the woodpecker inside by head quit drilling holes in my skull.  Second thought – we’ve had a lot of good floats, themes, and designs over the years but this was easily the best we’ve done. I don’t think anyone either on the float of off it would disagree. In a word – we were awesome.

Quick run down – costumes – unreal. Everyone hit the ball out of the park. A few notables – Nick & Amy rocked it with the matching leisure suits and BobG actually walked the entire parade route in platform hills. With all regrets to previous drivers – Courtney set a new standard – driving and dancing. The bar was raised across the board. Allison – the first 1.5 rider in the history of the float (that we were aware of) – way to go DISCO Baby!

So with that I will leave you with the first round of pictures. These were from my camera taken by various folks along the way. I’m including a zip file of the full sized picture at the end of the post and will do so with all the ones you send me. These are as they say – “frame worthy.”

Full Size Pictures