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SPARKcon is an annual event in Raleigh that is hard to describe because the number of moving parts is so great it seems like at times you can’t keep track of everything that is going on. How do they describe themselves?

SPARKcon’s “creative potluck” of SPARKs or creative themes such as art, music, film, fashion, geek, circus, etc. is put together by passionate individuals who volunteer their expertise and are deeply embedded in a specific local scene. Using a combination of networking and open calls for participants, organizers create diverse and representative events to show off local talent and connect disparate creative scenes.

“Creative potluck” might be as good as it gets. From the beautiful to the strange it all melts into the streets of downtown Raleigh to create and inspire. I always enjoy taking pictures of the chalk art and exploring the unusual like the wrestling tucked down a side street or the dancers performing on the main stage or the pop-up theater that presents a play mid-street. I might define the event as organized chaos at its finest. Don’t miss the last day. Sunday is a good time to walk the street and see the completed chalk art and get one last pass at finding something new that might light your creative spark.