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SPARKcon 2012

SPARKcon is called the “creative potluck” of the South. At least – they call themselves that. And in so many ways they nailed it. I can’t really think of a better way to describe the event. No – not everything that comes to a potluck is enjoyed by everyone but everyone tries to bring something they think everyone will like or at the very least something they like.  And no – not everything fits together but take your time and you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy or at least find odd enough to appreciate. It is an open environment where you can come together with others an define your creative SPARK with topics like artSPARK, fashionSPARK, poetrySPARK, musicSPARK, etc.

Are you sure this is SPF50?This year had some very unique graffiti artists (spraypaintSPARK) and some people like the poor girl headed to the pool on the right couldn’t outrun them. This is the first time I remember the skateboard exhibition (wheelSPARK) and as always the chalk art on the street (chalkSPARK – likely gone after this morning’s rain) was very cool.

It looks like they may have added another day to the event so maybe Hopscotch and SPARKcon really are creeping closer to a combined full week festival in Downtown Raleigh. I don’t know that this is happening and if we’re seeing the tectonic plates under each event move closer to a Raleigh-style SXSW or not. Being a mere casual bystander of both events I think it would be cool if they were looking at this somewhere behind the scenes and for all I know they might be.  So maybe one day we’ll get SPARKscotch or HOPcon or maybe I’ll let them name themselves (getanameSPARK). Either way – today is the last day of SPARKcon go downtown and check them out. And please – keep moving – you slow down and you will get painted.