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Sitti Restaurant Downtown Raleigh

IMG_3101How awesome albeit [old] is this sign in front of Sitti Restaurant in Downtown Raleigh? That’s right – they Rick Roll’d us.

We asked the waiter if that was the intent and he had no idea what we were talking about and said that someone from the hostess stand put that up. Obviously they had a great sense of humor and must have liked ours as well. They gave us free baklava for asking about it. Nothing better than a great finish to an awesome meal. Not to mention Rogue Chipotle on draft and lots of hot fresh pita bread.

I have probably told you this before but if I haven’t – Sitti and Neomonde and are awesome places to eat. At Neomonde check in on FourSquare for a deal on your food – save 10% when you check in on deli orders.

Click here to enlarge the sign.