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Saint Agnes Sessions by OMAi

OMAi is back in Raleigh after an amazing performance at “You Are Here” at the North Carolina Museum of Art this past Spring. Interested in seeing OMAi for yourself – catch them while they are in Raleigh this month.

The Saint Agnes Sessions will celebrate the history and heritage of Saint Agnes Hospital at Saint Augustine’s University. Local artists collaborating with OMAi include Tarish “Jeghetto” Pipkins, André Leon Gray, Lincoln Hancock, Finn Cohen, Anthony Kelley, Dare Coulter, DJ House, Eugene Taylor, Harriet Hoover, Napoleon Wright of Pan II Creative, Kaylee Ingram, Cameron Philyaw, Justin Perry, Tyree Daye, Nathaniel Key “The Flow”, Victor and Shaun Knight, William Paul Thomas and more.

OMAi is a digital artist collective from Vienna, Austria that created the Tagtool technology. Tagtool is a free app for creating and manipulating images in real time for projection onto urban or rural infrastructure. Blending visual art, technology, and performance, OMAi uses their technology to create public art in collaboration with artists, musicians, and other performers. The result is an experiment in improvisation, collaboration and audience participation. OMAi’s work was recently included in the exhibition “You Are Here” at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Longer video of the OMAi presentation –