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Random Photos in Raleigh

At times when you are out and about you encounter unusual or eye-catching things that need a picture taken. Or you are just bored and passing the time with a shot here and there. Either way – when you check the camera the next day you have a few fun shots and some that make little to no sense at all. After the jump is a small gallery of the images that came out well enough to see or ones that could be Photoshopped back to being visible. They were all taken with the Canon Powershot in the dark. (Not this camera’s strong suit.) So for the pictures…

The beer? Guess who was drinking what.

Not sure who Igor & Red Elvises (should that be Elvii?) are but they had a well placed sticker outside of Player’s Retreat. Sometimes that is all you need to get a plug and a link from NOSVC. With songs like Drinking with Jesus, I Wanna See You Bellydance and Closet Disco Dancer they can’t suck – right?

Deep fried everything? Those are collateral damage taken at the car show as a result of talking to Paul Jones about the NC State Fair and walking past a closed “we deep fry everything” booth later in the evening. Coincidence or fate – you decide.


  1. If there’s one band that YOU, Mr McLeod, NEED to see play – it is the Red Elvises. Trust me. You already have one pic in your foto collection from their show – the guy with the huge guitar. Great show!!!

  2. Funny – well – there is always next time. I listened to some of their music on their website and it was pretty good. Might be worth leaving my post here behind the computer to get outside once in a while.

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