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Raleigh Living Dead

“Zombie and Zombie-afficianados” invaded Downtown Raleigh’s City Plaza in a very entertaining festival of music and costume called The Raleigh Living Dead. It was a fun event with a nice blend of chaos and mayhem and some really great costumes. If ever a party begged for a costume contest to sort out the best of the best and help make sure we could see them all – this was it.  And – being fair they may have had such a contest earlier in the evening that we missed.

Overall this was an impressive event and definitely one I hope they bring back next year.

Fun stories from our evening? Doc Ock (Brian) had his picture taken dozens of times. C and I dressed Gangnam-style but didn’t dance it. Nick took over the human statue’s podium for a minute. We learned Heather and her sister look more alike as zombies. And – Chloe – what is going on here? I guess the good thing is no one in our group was wearing depends. At least – not that we know of.

Photo credit: Mostly Cara DMC – except for a couple.