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Please Help – Lost Employee

Please help if you can – it appears we’ve misplaced Sterling…

Sterling was at the Oakwood dog park with Jack Duncan, February 13. He escaped through the fence and ran down into the ravine. He has also been spotted at Moore Square with Steve Demastrie handing out free pizzas.  Sterling is especially skittish around strangers and may be difficult to catch. He is not aggressive toward people or other animals unless you have food. Sterling is on medication for a cow bell deficiency and needs to take medication daily…More Cow Bell. PLEASE call if you see him or are able to capture him, but be careful, since he hasn’t had his medication, he make think he is an insulation ninja as he is pictured above!

Download and post this flyer everywhere you can and help us bring Sterling home. I understand there is a reward.

Sterling Lost Poster


  1. I just posted this at the front door of Father and Sons. (Last time I did that, we ended up in the N&O, looking for a lost ceramic cat…)

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