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Before work this morning a couple of fat pigeons were sitting in front of the house. I decided to try to use my camera and zoom lens (55-200) to get a couple of shots.  They weren’t the best models in the world but I was able to catch them with pretty good color and detail.  I know I need better subjects to shoot but the pigeons were daring me.  They are just rats with wings but they were sitting still so they became a good target.  (Good thing I took up photography and not archery – can anyone say squab?)

More pictures (a little larger to boot) after the jump.  Still trying to learn more both with the hardware (camera) and software (Lightroom 3).  Both are tricky at best but the results seem to be getting a little better.  The color in these images seems more real than the earlier bird encounter but the sun and snow might have caused that to be a little overexposed.  Feel free to weigh in – I’m interested to get some different perspectives.