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Pick Your Top Theme for St. Patrick’s Day 2012

The time has come to select our float theme for 2012. Feel free to lobby in the comments for your favorite. Remember voting for themes is extremely important and we take this very seriously. The vote tally will be taken on Friday and we will announce the official results* at the St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser.

For those of you that had trouble with the poll software before. I think it is fixed. But that really doesn’t mean much. This isn’t a production site so time spent “fixing it” was about 10 minutes total. If you have trouble voting and would like for me to add your vote email me or tweet your vote to @NOSVC with #RaleighStPats as the hash tag.

Good luck to all the theme finalists and remember – there are no real losers the world only has room for so many winners.

*The official results will be determined by the accounting firm of McLeod & Gaughran. The votes represented here may or may not be used to determine the actual outcome of the voting. No small animals will be injured in the creation of this float. No we didn’t fix the Oscar’s. No Comment on other meaningless polls created on the Internet. God bless America.


  1. Birthday hats for all ! Noisemakers! Confetti! Tootsie Rolls! Birthday cake! The wheels on the bus go round and round. This is my vote and I’m sticking to it. I challenge anyone to seriously consider what a paper mache whale is REALLY going to look like. St Pat for Guv? I can do that too. One-name ballots. A throne for St Pat to look down upon his people. A speech. Campaign promises. It’s a timely theme. Whale? #Fail.

  2. 30th Anniversary / birthday theme – music from 1983, we all dress up in ACCURATE time era fashion. Those of you too young to remember 1983 need to do some homework. Damned kids, get off my lawn!

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