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Orlando Goes to a Party

Last time we saw Orlando he was hanging out in Durham watching the The Mercators play at Fullsteam Brewery.  Being the relatively good cat that he is he hasn’t gotten into much trouble since then.  He has been so well behaved we decided to take him our our neighbors housewarming / Christmas Party.

The party was awesome – Orlando is getting used to hanging out with bands.  He did his best to play a little keyboard cat but his skills really go beyond the musical.  Lots of good food and drinks – all around a great party.  Many thanks to our hostess.  (No – female host – not a twinkie.  Speaking of cake – check after the jump for the very cool cake that has an image of her house.)

Where will Orlando go next?  We’re working on a couple of plans that might make Randy’s little brother even more famous than Black Randy.