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OPA! Greek Festival 2012

The Greek Festival in Raleigh is an annual event put on to raise money for the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church. It is basically three days of drinking, dancing and unbelievably good food that you can’t begin to pronounce. Being the polite person I am I just point and say “one of those please” and don’t even try to offend anyone by saying GALAKTOBOUREKO wrong. (Yes – real word and the lady offered it to me for free if I could say it and I had to decline.)

The plate to the right is the MEZEDAKIA or sampler plate. Cara got the awesome PASTITSIO dinner. And if you think this is a lot like going to IKEA with more letters beside each other that my southern tongue can’t pronounce you are correct. That being said the meatballs at the Greek Festival are significantly better and I don’t know that the Swedish dessert tray should even be compared to anything in the Greek Pastry Shop.

Thanks to BobG for the tickets and if you want to go today is the last day and you can print off your own ticket for free here.

Things not to miss – DOLMATHES (stuffed grape leaves) and theBAKLAVA SUNDAE (no explanation needed). The LOUKOUMATHES (kind of a donut type fried pastry dipped in honey syrup goodness) are awesome as well. Really you can’t miss. OPA!