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No meaningful update today?

Last night was homecoming for my former kickball team the (previously known as the Milk Money Mafia now the TACOS). That pretty much means there is no real update for today. I appreciate them inviting out some of the alumni for beer and shenanigans prior to the game. I appreciate the directions to the hotel being information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. (Behind Crabtree Tavern? Really?) And last and definitely least I appreciate the free beer from the Residence Inn. Thanks guys – you are supposed to be a classy establishment and you are giving away Bud Light? Yes – I felt like GP used my mouth as a litter box when I woke up this morning.

I found a late night text from Nick (stupid phone – I got it this morning) reminding me that I did in fact skip out on the Clarion. If I hadn’t this post may not have happened. Fortunately for all of us I acted like an adult. Don’t expect that to become a habit.

It is great to see the tradition alive and in good hands.