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NCMNS Nature Research Center Grand Opening

I’m fairly certain at 4AM this morning you were most likely asleep. While you were sleeping Cara and I were headed downtown to explore the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science’s Nature Research Center (formerly known as the Raleigh’s Death Star) during their 24-hour grand opening celebration.  In a word – unbelievable. It is amazing how high-tech and cutting edge this museum is – even more than it appeared from looking in the window. From the unique architecture to the interactive displays this is a one of a kind destination museum unlike anything you might see outside of Disney World.

While it is usually difficult to do it is always fun to be in a museum in the middle of the night. The Nature Research Center is likely going to have a full house today but this morning it was relatively quiet with less than 50 or so people wondering the displays.

This is a great hands on museum and I look forward to going back once it is open (and we are a little more awake) to explore. The “death star” is pretty amazing both inside and out.

More pictures after the jump – if you are out and about in Raleigh today it is definitely worth stopping in.

The NASA display on the fourth floor wasn’t open while we were there. That means a return trip is happening and hopefully soon.


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