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BugFest was held on Saturday, September 19 at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in downtown Raleigh. There are over 35,000 visitors that come to BugFest each year. Guests can enjoy exhibits, arts and crafts and fun activities for the family.

One of my favorite exhibits this year was the bee exhibit. We got to see the queen bee. It was interesting to see how all the other bees were taking care of her. Look carefully in the pictures to see if you can find her. Here is a hint. She has a blue dot.

The other fun event was the cockroach races. Each kid could guess at which cockroach would win. The kids who guessed correctly won a prize. They also had inflatables and Volkswagen Beetles on exhibit so there was something fun for the family.

A really nice touch this year was the VIP area for members. They had an area where the members could grab a snack and drink. You also received special discounts on t-shirts and special seating at some of the talks. If you don’t already have a membership check out the details here.

If you didn’t get a chance to check out BugFest don’t worry. The museum has lots of fun events to check out. Next weekend is their opening of the Extreme Mammals exhibit. It will be around until March so make sure to add it to your calendar.