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NCMA: Rolling Sculpture – Art Deco Cars

The art deco period—from the 1920s to the 1940s—is known for blending modern decorative arts with industrial design and is today synonymous with luxury and glamour.

The automobile, a rapidly evolving mechanical child of the 20th century, thus became the perfect metal canvas upon which to express the popular art deco style.

While today manufacturers often strive for economy and efficiency, this was a period when innovation and elegance reigned supreme. Influenced by an international art movement, automakers embraced the sleek, new streamlined forms and aircraft-inspired materials to create memorable automobiles that still thrill all who see them. With bold, sensuous shapes; handcrafted details; and luxurious finishes, the 14 automobiles and three motorcycles in the exhibition provide stunning examples of car design … with artistic flair.

This is an exhibit you don’t want to miss. The cars are amazing and appear to be equally antique and futuristic at the same time. An amazing collection that is within its last two weeks at the North Carolina Museum of Art (closing January 15, 2017). The exhibit does an awesome job walking you through the history that was happening during the time these cars and motorcycles were being built and giving you a very close look at these unique pieces of history. Plan for at least an hour to view the vehicles and longer if you can.