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NC State Fair 2012

Another successful run at the North Carolina State Fair -we saw the Old Grist Mill, the odd tree girl, had some snacks (see the list after the jump), and generally enjoyed all the fair has to offer. Note – all the fair has to offer is strange at times and includes things that my internal censor wouldn’t allow here.

Enjoy the pictures and feel free to comment on your favorite moment at the fair. Mine? If someone asks you what happened here in 1876 the right answer might be NOTHING. That’s right – NOTHING happened here in 1876 – won me a free loaf of french bread.

Run down of the food from the Fair (you have already seen this list on Courtney’s Facebook Page):

  1. hushpuppies
  2. neomonde french bread
  3. musadine grape juice slushy
  4. pickle (Cara wanted one)
  5. chocolate covered peanuts
  6. more free hushpuppies
  7. bread and bbq sauce (tasting)
  8. Pepsi Next
  9. Chocolate Milk (one not on Facebook)
  10. Maple Butter
  11. honey cotton candy
  12. mini cheese biscuit
  13. roasted corn
  14. turkey leg
  15. funnel cake
  16. ostrich burger
  17. ostrich steak sammie aka Big Bird
  18. ribbon fries
  19. deep fried coconut delights, formerly known as ‘somoas’
  20. strawberry ice cream
  21. mint chocolate chip ice cream
  22. campfire ice cream SO good
  23. free peanuts

…and done.