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More St. Patrick’s Day 2012

I’m sure you probably thought I was done posting St. Patrick’s Day pictures – you were very wrong. Today I got Courtney’s pictures in the mail. That’s right – good old-fashioned paid for a stamp postal service mail. And – if you missed the Raleigh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and thought you had an idea from the pictures – trust me – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

First off – I have to remind you that Courtney is cooler than you and definitely more talented. Not only did she take all of these awesome pictures but she was our safe driver for the float and more importantly a frequent dancer along the parade route. Multitask? Meet understatement.

So enjoy the last batch of pictures until we uncover more – which as many of you know can happen a good bit later than we think. Of course there are always the pictures that don’t make the cut for one reason or another and those – those might make an appearance later too. You never really know.

Thanks again to Courtney and everyone that made the float possible this year.

P.S. – If you are looking for a good photographer check out Courtney at Crabtree Creek Productions. Dancing optional.


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