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Monster Dash Theme?

Monster Dash is one of the most fun runs in the area. This year they have added team registration and a contest for best team costume. By now you are probably thinking what I am thinking – time for a theme.

So here we go – your nominations have been logged and the polls are open. You can vote for up to three themes and we’ll decide if we need a run off next week.

In response to previous polls being “fixed” – this one won’t be. Feel free to vote as often as you like but no one is going to change the final result. We’ll try to make the decision early enough for everyone to work on a great costume. Feel free to invite whoever you want to join us – just make sure they know the theme.

iPods of Many colors? It would look something like this – except Nick has nicer knees.

Also – registration is here – sign-up for team Milk Money Mafia.