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Master Builder Chris Steininger

Imagine growing up with a dad who’s not only a clown, but a professional actor too. Then your dad gets a job with the Lego company and ends up being one of only seven Master Builders in the country. You spend some time as a teenager helping your dad out at work, and before you know it, you’re a Master Builder yourself. No, this isn’t the story line for a Lego movie, this is Chris Steininger’s real life.

At Lego Kidsfest this year we got to meet and spend a little time with the person who unquestionably has the best job on the plant. Chris Steininger is a Lego Master Builder. That’s right. He gets paid to play with bricks and has what appears to be unlimited access to them. He was either directly responsible or part of team that built all of the large elements brought to the festival.

We talked about the build process, software used, how the large models are glued and his favorite sculpture (Lightning McQueen that weighs over a ton). Great guy building awesome projects and really excited to be doing what he is doing.