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Lord Stanley’s Cup

One of the highlights of the NHL All-Star Fan Fair was getting to see the Stanley Cup.  I’ve been in relatively close proximity to the cup before but never really had the opportunity to get my picture made with it.  As you can see to the right I can cross this off the bucket list – done and done.  It was pretty cool to see the cup and while I am not a huge hockey fan I go have a good idea of what it means.

Cooler than getting to see the cup was meeting Phil Pritchard (aka the “keeper of the cup” – full job title is vice president of the Resource Centre and curator at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto) and chatting with him for a while.  He complimented Hurricanes fans on their tailgating skills and we chatted about local restaurants and things to do in town.  For someone with what one might call a fairly prestigious job and a minimal amount of celebrity he was a really cool guy.  More pictures after the jump of us, him and of course Lord Stanley’s Cup.

UPDATE: Added a picture of BobG with the cup – he wasn’t with us but he did get a visit earlier in the day.