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Light the Woods with Sound at Dix Park

Raleigh-based Neon artist Nate Sheaffer debuted his interactive public art installation at Dorothea Dix Park titled Light the Woods with Sound in May 2018. This one-of-a-kind installation will be on display Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from May 11th through June 1st.

Tonight is the last night so I’ll keep this short and to the point. Go and check out this exhibit. Take your time and move around to see it from different angles. You’ll be glad you did.

According to Public Art Director, Kelly McChesney, “Nate Sheaffer’s neon and sound installation is an experiment in collaboration through the interaction of art and technology. Our community wants to live in a city where they can be inspired, collaborate, and share new and innovative ideas. This project gives us a new environment to think, play, and create together.”